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Published on July 20, 2016

Dogs Barking and destroying your silence 

Its a fact of life whether you have a dog or not you will fins that your neighbours dogs will bark and too often spoil what can be a quite day. If however you have dogs it will be a requirement to keep them from barking and destroying the quite of others around you .

Where you have dogs and the neighbours have dogs then they will compete or it always appears that way, or they will be set off by the wind in the trees, someone walking into or past your property, and whatever happens yours will start the next one going.

The question is how do we stop this happening and train our dogs or puppies to be quite, along with stopping the neighbours dogs from barking and setting yours off.

What is the answer to barking dogs?

Well the answer is actually quite simple. Get yourself a Dog Silencer by Good Life, the $90USD or close to it will be worth every penny or dime over the first 6 months of ownership.

dog silencer Pro

dog silencer Pro

Why use the Dog Silencer Pro

Why the Dog Silencer and why Good Life you may ask. Well the answers are simple so lets look at them.

To start with the system can be used inside or outside and work with either a connected power system or from battery power. Allowing you to place it inside the home or out, to move it should you need too. A 60ft extension cord allows you to set it up outside within 60ft of the power point, or simply activate the battery power and set it anywhere you want inside your property line.

It can detect a dogs barking in a straight line (not through brick walls) from up to 75ft once detected the device reacts by emitting a high pitched ultrasonic noise that annoys the hell out of the dogs without being inhumane.  Its noise can be heard only by the dogs over a distance of up to 300ft and is effective over that distance.

It comes with a remote key device that allows you to initiate the devices noise where the system does not activate ( if the dog is say 150 ft away) then you can initiate the noise yourself and still have an effect on the barking dog.


Who Gives Permission to use the Silencer Pro?

You must understand that you do not require your neighbours permission to have the device on your property, the dog silencer is yours to allocate anywhere you need too within your property. In fact it comes with face plates and covers that allow you to disguise the item within trees and bushes on your property.

What we all want to be able to do is get the  silence you deserve with the Humane Dog Silencer from Good Life that will make you throw away your old ear plugs, open your windows and enjoy the beautiful harmony of birds chirping in the morning.

It is true that our worldwide customers rave about how the technology behind the Dog Silencer is bringing back peace and quiet to their lives!

Its all a matter of training your dog or dogs and those of your neighbours to stop that damn barking .

The benefits of the Good Life Dog Silencer are that is 

  • Works with both electrical power and Batteries.
  • Dimensions are : 5.25″H x 4.25″W x 1.8″D
  • Weight is : 1 lb (2 lbs with AC Adapter)
  • Instructions are by a Manual and Videos are available on the main website
  • Warranty is a 1 year with a 45 days Money Back Guarantee.
  • Colours : Standard is black however Face plates are available in Various colours including camouflage at a costs of $17.95 for a three pack faceplates.
  • Weather-resistant. 24-hour activation. Easy to operate, easy to mount using keyhole slots and a mountable plate.
  • Ultrasonic noise emitting at the dogs level of hearing not humans



Buy Now Tab

Simply Click the stop Dog Barking Now link and purchase your product today 

Whatever we do we must understand that the Dog Silencer™ detects and stop dog barking up to 300ft away using ultrasonic sound. This anti barking device will stop yours and the neighbor’s dog barking!. This type of product should be included in all shops that sell or provide dog training products.

Its role is to stop dogs barking, and as such it is one of the best barking products, that will be able to get bark control.

We sell barking products, whether they are from Goodlife direct or from Amazon we always allow for bark control products comparisons, On this site you will find reviews of the ultrasonic bark control, something that we consider to be a humane bark control-product in fact it is among the best safe bark control products,

Couple these with the no shock bark control, and the bark control products that we are reviewing our pet product range in this area is second to none . Our aim to train your dog and to prevent dogs barking through the use of safe and manageable, as well as affordable dog training products.