Review of SportDog 10R Bark Collar


About The SportDOG Brand NoBark 10R

One of the many requirements of a No Bark collar is to be able to fit and benefit a number of sizes of dogs and to also be usuable for dogs of differing temperaments.

Because the NoBark 10R collar lets you the dogs owner customize the type of bark control that is most likely to work best for your own dog,
The 10R No Bark Collar has what we call  3 training modes in addition to 10 levels of static stimulation, This allows you to change the settings to suit your dog and if need be upgrade the settings if for some reason the system does not work on the first setting you choose.
The very fact that the dog owner can select the training mode based on your personal preference:The standard training modes are :
  • Temperament Learning,
  • Progressive Correction,
  • User-Selected Correction mode.

Dog Training Systems 

In addition to the training systems the collar is a fully rechargeable collar and it features what we term as Perfect Bark technology, that provides both consistent, firm, and fair correction for your dog when it detects both vibration and sound from your dog only and not that of the neighbours dog or any visiting animal.
By this we mean that the No Bark Collar  delivers a static correction through two small Contact Points when and only if it detects both vibration from your dogs vocal cords and the sound of the bark at the same time. As stated in this manner any external  dog’s bark will not trigger a correction.

In my suburb last night we also had a small dog barking when all that is required is the proprietors to make use of or make available a no bark collar, anti barking or one of the much better products on the market a pet dog silencer. Whatever approach you utilize all you desire is a bark stopper.

wherever we are we do not like to listen to a pet dog barking and also lets face it, a lot of this comes down to canine training. When we check out there are instances when I wish we had a human shock collar, particularly when I see the way by which some pet owners act or do not act.

There are some that demand on making use of high level Shock collars on little dogs and also the last point we require isa shocked dog, when all we need is to have the dog stop barking,

For some canine and also puppy proprietors the only concern they have here is do bark collars work, others all we need for them to understand is that we desire the dogs to stop bark,

Back to the 10R Collar 

The No Bark 10R Collar offers 10 levels of correction. However as with all of our products and as a built-in safety feature, if your dog barks 15 or more times in 50 seconds in any mode, and although this rarely happens unless a dog is in full panic mode or as we look at it intruder mode , if this ocurrs then the unit will automatically shut off for 3 minutes.
In each of the two modes the Temperate Learning and the Progressive correction the collar will commence at level 1 and slowly build up until the barking stops. With the User Select mode which owners who have had the collar for a short period of time and who understand their dog can pre-select the starting point of the collars correction system.
Sport Dog 10R No Bark Collar
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