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Published on June 8, 2015

Benefits of the Top three No Bark Collars 

There are many terms for the Bark Collars, they are simply called No Bark Collars, yet to some they are Anti Bark Collars , or even called Dog or Puppy Bark Collars ,or At worst Dog or Puppy No Bark Collars

Whatever we want to call them they are designed for one purpose and one purpose only and that is to answer your call “stop my dog from barking”. We hear this day in day out with new and some old dog or puppy owners. We discuss often if we are training the dog to stop barking or are we punishing the dog for barking .

Yet we understand that they bark for at least three reasons, communication ( with us and other dogs) anxiety and fear of being left alone, or someone has entered into their space be it theirs or your home or territory. Whatever the reason we must understand that there will be some barking , some in joy and others as we have stated. So the reality of it is we are in fact training the dog or puppy to bark only when there is a real reason, and not to do it to frequently .

So we must then understand that these type of dog bark collars are used for training your dog or puppy and can be used by both professional trainers and dog owners or puppy owners alike. The are not that complicated as long as we or you understand the reasoning behind them and the benefits to you and your dog or puppy. Some of the benefits and information are contained in the pages of this blog or in fact in these pages where we review the types of collars or No Bark collars

Understand What Puppies and Dogs Love to do

bark collars to fit puppies

bark collars to fit puppies

We must first understand that puppies and dogs are likened to small children in that they come into this world with limited knowledge of what is right and wrong and what is expected and allowable behaviour. We teach our children using many ways ,how to achieve the correct behaviour and as such we should consider the same for our dogs or puppies. Whether we have a small  dog that yips and yaps or a larger dog or puppy that barks loudly we must treat them the same.

Prior to starting training your puppy or dog you need to consider if you are a” humane person”  or a “very humane person”, as this may well dictate the types of equipments (collars) that you will use to train your puppy or dog. You will understand more as you read through this site, suffice to say that your dog or puppy will respond in different ways to differing elements of discipline. At the same time you must have the belief or ask the question Do Bark Collars Work

Lets deal with the dogs or puppies that bark

There are mainly three types of anti bark collar ( or No Bark Collar) that we would consider for your use. There are many variations of each type however we have been looking at those that both carry a reasonable price and perform up to expectations and we have come up with two of each type that have some track record and some value for you and your animal/pet

The Three types are

  1. Spray Based No Bark Collars
  2. Electric Shock No Bark Collars
  3. Electronic Sound Wave emitter Anti Shock Collars

Note: that these collars are available as small dog collars and large dog collars.

1. Citronella Spray Anti/No Bark Collars

citronella anti bark collar

citronella anti bark collar

If you want to stop a dog’s excessive barking and do not want to use one of the shock ( small electrical shock) collar. Then you need to consider a spray based no bark collar.  The Spray Based Anti-Bark Collar is a what we consider a much more humane type of collar and yet it is found to be an effective no barking solution.

They deliver a harmless burst of citronella during the period when the dog is barking with the aim of  interrupting your dog’s barking.

Your dog will quickly and painlessly learn to associate this annoying  spray with his or her barking and in time learn to understand that there is a consequence for barking and that is getting a whiff or spray in the face with citronella. This type of spray conditions your dog to behave correctly by working on four of his five senses: he hears it, feels it, sees it and smells it.

The Citronella Anti-Bark Collars are unlike the Electric shock and ultra-sonic products which aim to redirect behaviors with low levels of pain. It should be stated that not all dogs or puppies respond to the citronella spray and as such you will need to venture towards the other two types of collars .

2. Electric Shock No Bark Collars

sportdog no bark collar

sportdog no bark collar

These types of no bark collars react to when your dog barks, it is the vibration of your dog’s barking that triggers the sensor probe built in to the collar. The no bark collar then administers a static correction through the contact points that are fitted into the collar itself.

These corrections will begin with the lowest level of correction ( shock ) and increases through the six levels each time he or she barks within the period of 30 seconds from the previous bark. However once he or she stops, the collar will reset itself to the lowest level. When she or he barks again, the process will start over.

In addition to the correctional buzz ( battery driven) there is an annoying beep that sounds again with the aim of annoying the animal and thus reinforcing the irritation that it feels from the correctional buzz . There are some of us that have tried the collar and liken the felling of the correction to touching your tongue to two small volt battery terminals and getting the buzz from them.

As stated as your dog and if the dog keeps barking the correctional buzz gets higher ( based on your settings) and the beep keeps coming, this gets annoying and the dog or puppy will stop to seek the source of the irritation, minor pain. Once they realise that these are associated with his or her barking they tend to stop.

In some cases the collars will act differently if they are setup where:

At the first bark from the dog or puppy , the Anti Bark Collar emits a short warning tone. if a second bark occurs within the period of thirty seconds, a more intense tone is sounded. From the point of the third bark, a more intense tone is sounded along with a short , mild shock. Both of these continue until the” dog stops barking “.

These patterns are repeated through in some cases up to 10 levels or 7 correction levels dependant on your settings.  However  it is the first two levels of barking only that they hear the progressive warning tone. In a number of cases we have seen that the dog will hear the tone after his or her first bark and will then be aware that the shock will follow and they have a tendency to stop barking at that point. These are the benefits of the No Bark Collars

3. Electronic Sound Wave emitter ( Vibrator) Anti Bark Shock Collars

petsafe vibration bark collar

petsafe vibration bark collar

These types of No Bark Collars let you customize the type of bark control that works best for you and your dog,

They feature a number of  training or correction modes and up to 10 levels of stimulation/vibration. Your aim is to choose a training mode based on your personal training preference or on how bad the barking is or has become:

These are listed as

  • Temperament Learning,
  • Progressive Correction,
  • User-Selected Correction mode.

These are really three levels of annoyance or persistence and it is up to you to determine which level you need to start at and whether in fact your animal is learning to change his or her behaviour. The progression is based on the dogs response to each level and you are the sole judge of that.

Each level will emit a noise and the level of noise increases as you progress through the levels , remembering that only your animal can hear the noises emitted as they are higher than the human ear can hear and subject only the dog to the annoyance.

Remembering that the higher the rating from temperament to User selected the higher the vibration and tonal sounds are.

As we stated at the beginning of this article and we continue to do so as you read through this site , the type of No bark collar or anti bark collar you use or that you will want to use should be determined in the beginning by both your attitude towards training your dog or puppy and the level of barking that is being produced, ( note: It is more often your neighbours that hear the barking that it will be you) It will not do ant harm to start with the Citronella Spray Collar and progress on to the Shock collar if that does not work. Most of our clients have opted for the vibration and tonal based collar with the various levels of tone/vibration.

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